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The music is “our house.”
Our family was born and developed over time, with and thanks to music.
Nashville is the Music City, and thanks to music and all our friends there, we have always thought of Nashville as our second home.

We like to say that everything happens in Nashville! And this recording session just happened: we met Stephan and Bill for lunch, played Anita’s songs together just for fun, and absolutely loved the sound. Before we knew it we’d done arrangements, booked the studio and laid down our tracks. Everything about the making of this album was so easy and thrilling.
It was a great experience to record all-analog on a Flickinger console at the historic Cinderella Sound in Nashville – especially in the company of amazing musicians and friends like Stephan Dudash and Bill Ferri.

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  1. Organized
  2. Deep in Me
  3. Distances
  4. A Summer’s Day
  5. Baby-Man
  6. All the Diamonds

Tutti i brani sono stati scritti da Anita Camarella, tranne “All the Diamonds” scritta da Bruce Cockburn

Anita Camarella Vocals
Davide Facchini
Guitar, Mandolin
Stephan Dudash
Five-String Viola
Bill Ferri

<<“Our House” di Anita Camarella e Davide Facchini è un esempio di creatività all’ennesima potenza: bella scrittura, musicalità stellare, voce magica, produzione incontaminata e impossibile da classificare secondo le classifiche di genere della vecchia scuola. 
Ascoltando questo album e le tue orecchie sorrideranno di gioia incessante!>> www.truefire.com

<<When I listened Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini, I said that is the kind of talent I like to record at Cinderella.
Anita came to our studio with a beautiful voice and wonderful original songs. Davide added his masterful guitar and we were amazed.
You are holding the results of that collaboration in your hands, enjoy!!>> Wayne Moss



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