Workshops taught by Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini allow to get closer in an immediate and thorough to the Voice, the Guitar, and other topics related to the music.
These group meetings allow to deal with other people with the same interests, similar attitudes or who are undertaking an equivalent course.
Some of the issues raised:

– The Acoustic Guitar

– The Fingerpicking Guitar / Fingerstyle and Flatpicking

– The Blues Guitar

– Guitar and Arrangement

– Improvisation and Arranging: for guitarists, singers or other instrumentalists.

Singing basic: for beginners.

Professional singing: for those who want to deepen the knowledge of its technical and stylistic voice-instrument.

Guitar and Voice: for singers, instrumentalists, singers playing, singing instrumentalists.

Analysis of Text: for singers and songwriters who want to be able to use their voice and their technical knowledge to understand and to better interpret the text of a song or to get to vocally express themselves and communicate in an appropriate way.

History and Guide of the Listen Contemporary Popular Music: for all.