Singing Lessons

Anita Camarella’ singing lessons will allow you to refine, to approach for the first time, or diversify your knowledge of vocal-instrument with the help of a teacher, musician and singer with over 20 years of experience in both teaching and concerts.
You can be personally followed through individual lessons, or you can participate in collective workshops.

Anita Camarella teaches singing in Italy (Busto Arsizio, Milan, San Vittore Olona) or directly to your home via Skype!

You can directly contact Anita Camarella by writing to or calling at mobile number: (0039) 338.3822284.

With Skype you can take singing lessons directly at your home (or wherever you want)!
Attend classes on Skype is simple: you just must have an ADSL line, a webcam and a microphone.
You can buy directly online your individual lesson or a package of 5 hours of lessons discounted by 5%!
Distance and time are no longer a problem!
Find out HOW, writing to

Private singing lessons
Private lessons allow you to undertake a singing classes designed especially for you, giving you the chance to discover or deepen a unique and extremely versatile instrument like voice, in a specific and exclusive way (always in the respect of your aptitudes, abilities and personal interests) through the study of techniques, genres, styles, and all that is needed to form, enrich or improve your personal repertoire.
…And now, with Skype, singing sessions has never been easier! Distance and time are no longer a problem!
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Singing lessons for songwriters and/or musicians
These specific lessons allow to approach or improve the knowledge of voice to all those who wish to use this instrument as a complement to its own (songwriters, musicians, etc..).
Interacting with an instrument different from ours may involve a different issues that are important to recognize and, above all, to solve.
Acquiring essential musical and instrumental skills, songwriters and instrumentalists who sing will be autonomous and will be able to better relate with other musicians.

Vocal Coach for choirs and vocal groups
Anita Camarella provides her long experience in the field of professional choral ensemble and her teaching skills for one or more meetings with choirs and/or vocal groups that need to learn or improve their knowledges of vocal techniques, musical and textual analysis, stylistic interpretation and collective expression.

VOX MASTER© – Professional Training of Modern Singing Teachers
VOX MASTER© is a Method of Professional Training of Modern Singing Teachers created for all those who have already dealt with a study of vocal technique and modern professional and who want to approach teaching.
This course, unique in its kind, will give to carefully selected participants the opportunity to be able to learn all the skills necessary for the proper teaching of the practice of modern singing.
The goal of VOX MASTER© is to unite people who come from different studio practice and make them able to better expose their personal experiences and knowledge without wanting to change in any way the different methods or subjective personalities and skills developed over the years.

The VOX MASTER© Method is divided into different levels at the conclusion of which will receive a certificate of VOX MASTER© Certified Teacher.


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