Press quotes


Italy – “La Prealpina” Mar. 2020:  
“In this period of quarantine from Covid-19 the music moves online to help the Italian Red Cross.”


Italy – “Buscadero – Italians do better?” Mar. 2020:  
“Our House” is an authentic sounding album. An introspective, meditative album, born from a great and selfless love for Music. A different listening to get involved by feelings and emotions!


Italy – “La Prealpina”, Dec. 2019:  
“Many satisfactions for Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini: their new album ‘Our House’ is having great success.”


Italy – “La Prealpina”, Oct. 2019:  
“Thanks to their music Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini skillfully take their audience back in time, but with a modern reinterpretation.”

U.S.A. – – Florida (Sept. 2019):
«The freshness and unconstrained creativity of the music being produced by artists today is sparking a Renaissance of song and sound. No better illustration of that than Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini’s latest release, Our House. Beautiful writing, stellar musicianship, magical vocals, pristine production, and impossible to classify by old school genre classifications. Spin this record and your ears will smile with non-stop delight!»

U.S.A. – Wayne Moss – Cinderella Sound Studio – Nashville, TN (Aug. 2019):
«When I listened Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini, I said that is the kind of talent I like to record at Cinderella. Anita came to our studio with a beautiful voice and wonderful original songs. Davide added his masterful guitar and we were simply amazed!»


Italy – “L’Arena di Verona”, June 2018:  
“Their concert captures from start to the end, amuses and catches the attention of the audience.
An impressive and powerful set!

Italy – “Sempione News”, Dec. 2017:
“Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini have been able to take us back to that ambiguous and complicated era of the ’30s and ’40s giving freshness and elegant fun. Two artists who were able to involve and shock their audience with skill and suggestion!

Italy – A Corrado Ori Tanzi’s interview, Dec. 2017:
“Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini retrace with grace, taste and a strong dose of originality the Thirties and Forties, giving us a fascinating and poetic sound picture of fresh contemporary strength.
Because when authenticity is the marriage of a centralized talent with a precise historical knowledge then we are faced with a new artistic project, alternative to the conformism of the present and detached from the roots from which it came to life.

Italy – “Guestar”, Dec. 2017:
Interview to Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini about their experience with House Concerts:

Italy – “Il Blog di Mike Bellini”, Lug. 2017:
My Town: nine instrumental covers of Motown tracks, arranged and played with incomparable taste!
Davide Facchini proves to know the difference between making music and being the classic self-referential guitarist.
A record that I would recommend to those who want to hear well made music, a great example of groove, taste and balance.”

Italy – “Sempione News”, Aug. 2016:
“Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini gave us a memorable concert!”

Italy – “Sempione News”, Apr. 2016:
A concert that gave us perfect interpretations of songs known – and less so – by the general public: in impossible not to sway in time!”

Italy – “”, Mar. 2016:
A phenomenal, excellent duo, one voice and one guitar alone, yet you can hear an entire orchestra.
Listening to Anita and Davide means receiving strong emotions!–davide-facchini

Italy – “”, Dec. 2014:
“Davide Facchini’s fingerpicking and Anita’s incredible voice blend perfectly in a dynamite duo.
Class, elegance, technique, ease, delicacy, refinement, carefreeness, energy, study, application, joy, rhythm, elegant simplicity, good taste and phenomenal choice of songs, are the essence of their music!”


Italy – “La Provincia” March 2014:
“Portrait of Italy to the rhythm of Swing. An Italian Duo triumphs in the USA”
Their album was awarded overseas because spectacular! 

CD “La famiglia canterina” of Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini
Winner of LadyLake Music Indie Awards Best Album 2013 U.S.A.

DECEMBER 9th, 2013 – LadyLake Music:
This is such a jewel of an album, unlike anything I’ve come across.
This album is just spectacular from start to finish.
Anita has an amazing command of her precise voice, with an uncanny ability to fly from a harmonic gem like ‘Tornerai’ into a swinging tune like ‘In the Mood’ and finally slide into a dreamy version of ‘Volare’.
A must buy!


U.S.A.- “The Fretboard Journal” – John Thomas, June 2012: 
“Camarella and Facchini are my favorite Sarzana discovery!
Anita Camarella’s achingly beautiful vocals are the perfect foil to Davide Facchini’s tasteful virtuosity. (…) Davide Facchini is stunningly talented.”

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France – “Comme ça de France” Bailleul, March 2012:
“A duo that brought us back in the pass with swing rhythm.
These artists have left us a big smile inside and they have enlightened the heart of the audience: a guitar and a voice sublime!

Italy – “Gazzettino” Genoa, Nov. 2007:
“During their show they have fascinated the entire audience with their excepional cleverness and tecnique.”

Italy – “Guitar Club”, Nov. 2007:
“A tasty surprise for the M.A.F.’s audience: Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo are able to create a magic atmosphere with their Italian Swing.”


– “Vera Magazine”, Oct. 2007:

Special report on the Professionals of the Voice in Italy
Interview to Anita Camarella, singing teacher:
“I teach singing since more than 10 years and I’m really satisfy and gratify from my job. (…)
To sing helps to know yourself better, so thru your voice sometimes you can bare or discover some new aspects of yourself. (…)
So, to do this kind of job as well as possible you have to be, obviously, a qualified musician but also a little bit a psychologist.” 

2007 – Interview of Davide Facchini for Israeli Magazine “Play Guitar”
Clicking on the link it’s possible to read all the interview.
…It’s advisable a good translator!!


Italy – “La Provincia” Como, Feb. 20th 2007:
“Listening to the concert has returned back in the times…
The celestial voice of Anita Camarella has created a suggestive feeling succeeding in penetrating in the spirit of the compositions.
Davide Facchini is a telented guitarist, that of the fingerstyle ago his essential element.
Attractive the project that has proposed passages impeccably gotten by.
The two interpreters have known how to recreate and to maintain intact the charm of that epoch by now distant.”

Italy – “Varese News”, Jan. 2007:
“…a Duo guitar-voice that it’s affirmed as one of the most interesting and appreciate musical realities, even overseas.
From different cultures, this musical reality has shown year after year to complement each other, creating a very unique sound.
From their statement: “said Bill Evans ‘in music no matter what but how’ and we try to take as much as possible faith in this assertion that we share deeply”.

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Italy – “Guitar Club”, July 2005:
“Let me say bravo to Anita Camarella! On stage she was able to create an extremly evocative tune in which, with her perfect voice, she took everyone by the hand leading us wards a new kind of harmony.”

Italy – “AXE”, June 2005:
“I have to say ‘Bravo!’ to the guitarist Davide Facchini who played in duo with the singer Anita Camarella!”


Italy – “La Prealpina” Busto Arsizio, May 2004:
“Big names of the guitar on the stage of solidarity”
“Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella, Italian Directors of the American non-profit establishment ‘Guitars for Life’, have organized an important annual musical appointment.
Coming to the show the audience will have the possibility to offer a concrete help to children who are sick and in need listening some of the biggest artists of the present guitarist musical international panorama.”

U.S.A. – “Tri-Valley Herald” San Francisco, March 2004:“…They are clearly major talents.
It is rare for two performers to be able to hold an audience riveted for almost two hours of Italian flavor and English songs in a variety of musical genres.
Anita Camarella engages one with her highly dramatic shadings, nuanced dynamics and perfect pitch.
She is a singing storyeller of the Italian experience, par excellence.
Davide Facchini really gets the guitar to sing: I don’t believe I have ever heard any guitar player achieve similar dynamic and lirical contrasts.
The blending is amazing!


U.S.A. – “Pacifica Tribune” San Francisco, March 2004:“Beautiful! Original! Modern!
Really unusual and frankly sensational: this extremely talented couple satisfy all generationswith a modern extraordinary misture of styles.”


France – “La Guitare” Hazebrouck, Jan. 2004:
“Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella have offered us a show full of elegance: a great musical moment.”

France – “La Voix de Mardi” Hazebrouck, Dec. 2003:
“…the time looked still on a dream: a masterly duo!

Italy – “Guitar Club”, July 2003:
“Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella are able to create a positive background in a moment.”


Tunisia – “Culturelle”, 17 Febr. 2003:

A sweet and powerful voice, suggestive and harmonious, acoustic sounds of guitar…
Anita Camarella really mastery, throughout this concert, the various partitions of their directory with a clean voice to adapt itself to all the degrees of the ladder and to express situations; it is to say that she singed, with her voice, several roles at the same moment.
Davide Facchini’s played on his acoustic guitar contributed especially to tickle our hearing and our imagination.
With the same mastery on his instrument as Anita Camarella for her voice, Davide Facchini perfectly accompanied by adding this one it touches very rich in artistic meaning and in sensibility.”

Italy – “L’Arena di Verona”, 10 Oct. 2002:
“The bright repertory of Italian Swing of the 30’s: a very cheerily aperitif before the performance of the American guitarist Stephen Bennett.”

Italy – “La Prealpina”, Dec. 2002:
“The Duo of Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini have played with Raf Montrasio, guitarist of the well appreciated Renato Carosone’s sextet in the ’50s.
Rediscovering the joyful Italian Swing of the 30’s and 40’s has been like opening a window on Italian history and taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Italy -“Guitar Club”, April 2002:
“Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella will gape you with their music!”

Italy -“Guitar Club”, Sept. 2002:
“With their Italian Swing of the 30’s , Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini prove to the audience how one hour is too short!

Italy – “Guitar Club”, April 2001:
“Their audiences are charmed by the creative energy of this naturally gifted Duo!

Italy – “Guitar Club”, Oct. 2001:
“There are no doubts that this Duo has an alluring talented and great professionalism.
With t heir natural linking they are able to break the audience’s enthusiasm out.


– New York, June 2001:“Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella came all the way from Varese, Italy (the only artists not americans), to perform in the ‘Guitars For Life’ benefit concert in Stony Point ( New York ).” 

Italy – Busto Arsizio, Oct. 2000:
“Chitarrandia” International Festival of acoustic and electric guitar, organized by Davide Facchini, Anita Camarella in collaboration with “Teatro Fratello Sole” (Busto Arsizio, Va).
Line up: Tommy Emmanuel, Thom Bresh, Buster B. Jones, Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo.