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Anita Camarella

From 10 to 19, she dedicated her energy and efforts to study the violin earning a Theory and Solfeggio’s diploma and a Complementary Piano’s Diploma at the Novara’s Conservatory ‘A. Vivaldi’.
When she was 13, she started studying the art of singing and classical technique at the Civic Music School of Varese and became part of the polyphonic ‘Santa Maria Del Monte’ Choir, the leader in Renaissance Sacred and Modern Music, with whom he remained for six years performing in numerous concerts in Italy and ‘abroad.

During these years she studied Baroque singing techniques at the at the Section of Ancient Music of Civic Music School in Milan and attending courses specifically devoted to secular music and popular of the fifteenth century.

At 19 she was one of the promoters of the ‘Florilegio Ensemble’ group, spcialized in Popular and Secular Music of XV Century, in which – in the next seven years – she has performed in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and in Europe as lead vocalist and instrumentalist (viella and micanon).

She approaches a variety of modern vocal styles thanks to the teaching of some of the most representative Italian jazz and blues singers and in 1997 obtained a Diploma in Modern Singing at NAMM ‘New Academy of Modern Music’ in Milan (first degree legally recognized in Italy for modern music).

She researches and develops mainly anatomical and physiological’s study of voice, thanks to the scientific method “Voice Craft” by Jo Estill and attending various specialized courses on the physiology of voice, vocal pedagogy, vocal modern aesthetic and contemporary choral vocal technique.


For over 20 years Anita Camarella is present on the music scene and with her unique vocal versatility she has been featured in international concerts, including prestigious festivals and exhibitions in Italy, Europe, United States and Russia.

She can look back the recording of 6 CDs, the last of which was honored with the “LadyLake Indie Music Awards” Best Album 2013 U.S.A.


Since the year 2000 she has performed in Duo with the guitar player Davide Facchini.

Over the last 10 years they have been committed to researching, analysing and working-out songs from the “Italian Swing era” of the ‘30s and ‘40s.

Radio stations in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Tunisia, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy have broadcasted their music.

They have performed in some of the most important and renowned concert halls (e.g. Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium), alongside some of the most famous artists on the international guitar scene (Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Franklin, Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson, Carl Verheyen, Thom Bresh, Jim and Morning Nichols, Buster B. Jones, and many others…).


Since 2007 Anita Camarella is the creator and manager of the Vox Master©, Method of Professional Training for Modern Singing’s Teachers.

For 20 years she regularly carries out educational activities and workshops dedicated to different aspects of the use of the voice into modern music at several Music Schools; also working as a vocal coach for choirs and vocal groups.



1994  “Habitavit in Nobis” with the Polyphonic Choir of Sacred and Renaissance Music ‘Santa Maria del Monte’.  (Ed. Rugginenti)   cuffie con nota

1997  “Florilegio Ensemble,  music of Italic XV Century” with the homonymous group of Popular Music of XV Century.

1999  “Beatles for trio” collaboration with the guitars group ‘Trio Chitarristico di Varese’. (Ed. Niccolò)   cuffie con nota

2000  “O Tempo Bono” – Music at the Aragonese Court of Naples   cuffie con nota
with the medieval group ‘Florilegio Ensemble’. (Ed. Simphonìa)

2002  “Quei motivetti che ci piaccion tanto” – Italian Swing of ‘30s and ‘40s   cuffie con nota
with the guitar player Davide Facchini.

2013  “La famiglia canterina” – New tribute to Italian Swing of ‘30s and ‘40s
Honored with the “LadyLake Indie Music Awards” Best Album 2013 U.S.A.
with the guitar player Davide Facchini – special guests:  Franco Cerri (1926), a famous Italian jazz guitarist and Raf Montrasio (1929), legendary guitarist of the legendary Renato Carosone sextet in the 50s.