«Beautiful! Original! Modern!
Really unusual and frankly just sensational:
this extremely talented couple satisfy all generations with an extraordinary modern mixture of styles.»
Pacifica Tribune (San Francisco, U.S.A.)


The Duo was founded in 2000: two exceptional musicians coming from different musical directions (Anita Camarella from early music and jazz and Davide Facchini from rock and blues) but united by their common passion and curiosity for different musical languages.
Over the last 10 years Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini have been committed to researching, analysing and working-out songs from the ‘Italian Swing era’ of the ‘30s and ‘40s: unforgettable lyrics and music telling of typical Italian life-experiences and anecdotes of that time.

Their passion for this music culminated in two recordings: “Quei motivetti che ci piaccion tanto!”(2002) and their new album “La famiglia canterina” (2013) that was honored with the “LadyLake Indie Music Awards” Best Album 2013 U.S.A.

Their music reflects the influences of swing and jazz, as well as their own fresh and original guitar and a-capella compositions.

This talented couple can already look back on many years of international concerts, including prestigious festivals and exhibitions in Italy, Europe, United States and Russia – their aim being to share and make known to the world this important aspect of Italian cultural history.

Radio stations in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Tunisia, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy have broadcasted their music.

Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini have performed in some of the most important and renowned concert halls (e.g. Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium), alongside some of the most famous artists on the international guitar scene (Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Franklin, Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson, Carl Verheyen, Thom Bresh, Jim and Morning Nichols, Buster B. Jones, and many others…).


«Enthusiastic audiences are charmed by the intelligence and creative energy of this naturally gifted duo!»
Guitar Club Magazine (Italy)

«…time stood still like in a dream: a masterful duo!»
La Voix de Mardi (Hazebouck, France)

«While listening their music you encounter modern fingerstyle with a jazzy touch by guitar virtuoso Davide Facchini, who is lead – and perfectly complemented – by the angelic voice of Anita Camarella, whose soulful and emotional interpretations go straight to your heart…»
Raf Montrasio (guitarist of the famous Renato Carosone’s sextet in the ’50s)