Swing 100%

«Beautiful! Original! Modern!
Really unusual and frankly sensational: this extremely talented couple satisfy all generations with a modern extraordinary mixture of styles.»
Pacifica Tribune (San Francisco, U.S.A.)

The original and beautiful Italian Swing conquers all generations!

This talented couple has dedicated a fascinating show to the rediscovery the Swing Era with a modern and an original Italian style.
The evocative voice of Anita Camarella and the eclectic fingerstyle guitar of Davide Facchini offer an unique and elegant concert: the audience will be won by an uncontrollable desire to Swing!

«…The time looked still on a dream: a masterly duo!»
La Voix du Mardi (Hazebrouck, France)

«Their audience is charmed by the creative energy of this naturally gifted duo.»
Guitar Club (Italy)